Project of trip in the South-West of Russia

Type of trip

Road-trip, by car in order to be able to stop wherever we want and see more places than with bicycle, train or walking.


  1. Testify: take photos of the region behind the new Iron Curtain
  2. Visit: see a place in the World, a little sour, far from tourist circuits for pfizerised cattle and death people in front of the TV
  3. Special interest: see how is Астрахань and wonder if it would be worth moving there for a few months, one day…


Outward journey

From Colmar/Strasbourg, go through Stuttgart, München, Wien, Budapest, Timisoara, Chișinău, until Одесса.

The trip

Visit of the South-West of Russia and some places in Ukraine:

  1. Новороссия: Одесса, Николаев, Херсон, Мелтопол, Мариуполь
  2. Росто́вская о́бласть: Ростов-на-Дону
  3. Астраха́нская о́бласть: Астрахань
  4. Волгоград
  5. Новороссия: Луга́нск, Харьков
  6. Ukraine: Київ (let’s assume that it will still be Ukraine…), Львів (assuming that will not be already Poland)

Inward journey

Go through Polska (Kraków, Katowice), Česká republika (Brno, Praha) and Deutschland (Nuremberg, Heidelberg) until back to Strasbourg.

To settle before

  • get visa for Russia in Strasbourg and see for both border crossings in Moldova and from Russia in Luhansk Oblast until Ukraine
  • to speak a little Russian because tourism is not going to be very developed, so see to progress seriously in Russian (after the agrégation of Spanish)…
  • see how to pay on the spot, by cash (exchange some euros – francs ? – into rubles) or with credit card (but how open a bank account in Russia being a Western people in theory?)


During school vacations in July-August 2023?

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